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Covid-19 Vaccination program at Shantabaa Medical College, Amreli

The end of the epidemic that has gripped the entire world for the last nine months is now about to begin. Following the approval of the corona vaccine in the country, on January 16, 2021 corona vaccination program accelerated in the Amreli district. At Amreli Medical College, MP Naranbhai Kachhdiya launched the country's largest vaccination campaign at the Amreli district level. The program was inaugurated by lightening the lamp at the hands of the invitees. Health Officer Haresh Wala in his welcome address gave a brief outline of today's vaccination program. Before the launch work had been completed on the paperwork on which places in Amreli district will be vaccinated, who will be given the responsibility in this operation, and who will be vaccinated on a priority basis.

  • The first dose was taken by Dr. Vikas Sinha, Dean of Shantabaa Medical College.

  • Dr. Sinha also appealed to mankind to come out of the epidemic by joining the campaign to vaccinate others.

  • In this program Government officials, Officers, and other dignitaries along with the vaccinator beneficiaries of the health department, private doctors were present.

  • Insights into the key characteristics of the COVID-19 vaccine was given on the launch day.

  • In the first phase, health workers like Frontline Warriors were vaccinated.

  • On a priority basis, first, the health worker, then the front line worker, and later the people above 50 years were vaccinated.

  • Separate arrangements, including vaccination room, observation room as well as waiting room were set up at all the vaccination centers in the district.

  • From the list of first vaccinators to the vaccine maintenance and call chain management and duty, personnel had also been selected.

  • The health system of the Amreli district is geared up for the final battle against corona.

  • In addition to places like primary health centers, referral hospitals, vaccination will also be carried out in schools.

  • The health system of the Amreli district is geared up for the final battle against corona.

  • On the first day, three vaccination centers in Amreli district 229 health workers were vaccinated.

The system is ready to administer the vaccine at 919 different places in the Amreli district. 80 ILR fridges are available in the district from where employees will be vaccinated in cold bags and vaccine carriers.

There are 85 deep freezers available at different places across the district for deploying ice packs. If 12 thousand ice packs are available in the district, it will be stored in the fridge according to the rotation.

Widespread vaccination for the coronavirus means that the virus will not infect as many people. This will limit spread through communities. We all have a public health commitment to our communities to protect each other. The Gujarat government has increased the number of Covid-19 vaccination sites from the present 161 to 510, as directed by the Centre, about 80,000 health workers have received shots since the January 16 launch.

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