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Gajera Trust celebrates the passion for learning in association with I.I.M.U.N.

After two long years of living and learning online, we are finally coming together and celebrating life and learning once again, that too with a mega event. Yes, we are talking about the I.I.M.U.N (India International Movement to Unite Nations) conference that Gajera Trust is hosting this year. The event commences on 22 April at Surat, Indoor Stadium in presence of five thousand students and high profile educationists and guests such as Ambassador Suresh Goel and Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, Home Minister Mr. Harsh Sanghavi and Terence Lewis, and Cyrus Broacha who the youth look up to as role models and leaders.

Excited learner of gajera group of schools enjoying the debate session

This event is a celebration of life and learning which almost came to a standstill because of the unforeseen events in the past couple of years.

And true to the indomitable human spirit, we are back on our feet, stronger than ever. The three-day event will be a celebration and preparation for future leadership opportunities for our young learners. Led by the young for the young and by the young, school children will debate, discuss, convince and persuade others to see things from their perspective. The inauguration ceremony will be followed by extensive debates and deliberations on various issues that face the world today. As delegates of countries of their own choice, they will discuss and decide. On 23 and 24 April, they will deliberate and decide. They will network, socialise, train to be leaders and become expert communicators. The build-up of this three-day event has been going on for about a month now.

Preparations, mock sessions, training sessions by the IIMUN team, countless hours of deliberations have kept our learners on their toes. During the training sessions, learners got into their roles and characters in depth so much so that the Wisdom Hall and the Assembly ground became the General Assembly and the floor of the Security Council. We hope and believe that they will do the same in future in the United Nations General Assembly or the Security Council.

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