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Join the One Happiness Movement : "Vatsalyadham's Free Whole Body Check-Up Camp"

A recent whole-body check-up program for pupils of all ages was held at the Vatsalyadham Orphanage of the Gajera Trust. The camp was set up with the intention of giving the children and young people who live at the orphanage thorough health examinations. The camp was a great success, and many pupils took advantage of the services provided by the attending specialists.

Specialists in a range of medical specialties, including dermatology, dentistry, homeopathy, and more, were present at the check-up camp. The physicians were there to examine the pupils for any illnesses or other irregularities, treat them if necessary, and provide them guidance. In addition to helping the experts, the medical students were there to help the pupils. The camp was aimed at promoting health awareness among students and providing them with access to medical expertise, especially those who come from underprivileged backgrounds.With the help of the camp, the orphanage was able to provide free medical checkups and consultations to more than 750 students, who might otherwise have not had the opportunity to seek medical assistance.

The camp's instructional workshops on subjects including stress management, regular exercise, and good eating habits were held in addition to the medical checks. These lessons were designed to inform the students about the value of living a healthy lifestyle and to provide them with helpful advice on how to do so. Girls were given sanitary pads as part of a special session with a doctor and movies about sanitation and good health were shown. Dental health was one of the key issues that was noted during the camp. Several of the kids at the camp had dental issues that needed quick care, according to the dentists in attendance.To solve this problem, the dentists recommended the kids to their clinic for free care.

The camp was officially opened by Mr. Chuni Gajera, managing trustee, and Mr. Vasant Gajera, president. The program was concluded by Vasant sir, who gave a heartfelt speech thanking all the doctors and the team for their contribution to the camp. He expressed his gratitude to the doctors for taking out time from their busy schedules to participate in the camp and provide their services to the students. He also praised the efforts of the team for their dedication and hard work in organizing the camp. To ensure the good health of the orphanage pupils, he further committed to performing this program every three months.

The camp was formally inaugurated by Mr. Chuni Gajera, managing trustee, and Mr. Vasant Gajera, president, who both expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the volunteer specialist physicians and medical students. They also underlined the value of routine checkups with the doctor and living a healthy lifestyle.

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