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One step forward towards awakening the nation with the Gajera Trust

The Gajera Trust is a nonprofit organisation founded for the betterment of the fields of health, education, and poverty relief, for the underprivileged. Gajera Trust was founded in 1993, in honour of the late Smt. Shantabaa Haribhai Gajera to aid in the pursuit of economic equality and sustainable development, which would better the lives of those in the most vulnerable sectors of society.

The mission of Gajera Trust is to spread the philosophy of "One World, One Happiness" in order to improve lives and give others the ability to do the same.

As the trustee, Chuni Gajera puts it, it basically means moving toward “One for all and all for one”. When everybody in the community is taken care of, every individual thrives too. The whole value system of the Gajera Trust has always been around giving back, sustainability, and support.

Gajera Trust offers assistance in many areas including education, healthcare, community service, and the environment through collaboration across many industries. The trust works relentlessly to make sure that society may advance and that people have access to the resources they need to live fulfilling lives. Being able to establish "One World" is essential to achieving this goal since it makes people happy and starts a positive feedback cycle. In the end, it transforms each person's life and gives them hope for a better future.

One world, one happiness

To create One World and One Happiness, we aim to build a top-notch integrated healthcare system, human development, with an emphasis on providing compassionate patient care to those who are less fortunate, under the direction of a team of dedicated experts who are outfitted with the best medical abilities and talents.

With 9 campuses in Gujarat, 18 schools, 3 colleges and VatsalyaDham—a home for orphans, the Gajera Trust offers holistic education to more than 50,000 students from all walks of life.

One of the highest paths to happiness, in our opinion, is striving to improve everyone's future through the relationships we forge. Through our efforts, we provide communities with free routine checkups and medical care, as well as shelter, education, and empowerment for children. Every step of the Gajera Trust on the path toward a better society, a better India, is packed with joyful purpose.

Initiatives in Healthcare - Affordable healthcare for every Indian

Enhancing the well-being of thousands of people by providing selfless assistance.

The Gajera Trust actively supports the improvement, empowerment, and prompt intervention of the rural healthcare system. With the help of our extensive volunteer and participatory networks, we endeavour to improve the well being of our local communities. The founders truly believe that the path out of poverty for the country is to bring access to healthcare to every corner. Some of the healthcare activities conducted by the trust are:

● Vaccination Campaign held at Gajera Vidyabhavan Katargam

● World Health Day Programs

● Conducting blood donation & health check-up drives for over 20 Years.

- 15, 842 units of blood donated until now

- 3,390 units donated in association with the surat

- Organised diamond association mega blood donation camp, an event that holds a world record for collecting the highest units of blood

● Eye check-up camps & Mobile diagnostic vans

● Food and Medicine distribution activities

● Covid Vaccination in all gajera school: Approx 10, 000 students take vaccination from Gajera different schools.

We can change the world with our two hands - Environmental initiatives

Green Education is the realisation of life within and around us.

Gajera Trust expresses its thanks to Mother Earth by ongoing initiatives such as water conservation, tree-planting campaigns, population management, and other ecologically advantageous activities. They practice Green education, believing that students should be given real-world hands-on experiences so they can sense nature, its processes, see imbalance in these systems, and improve their critical thinking skills so they can come up with and execute new and practical ideas. Some of the ecological initiatives of the trust are as follows:

● Tree Plantation activities take place every year from 2019. 4000 trees planted at Laxmi Vidyapeeth Sarigam

● Green Education

● Vrikshabandhan

● NatureNurture experiential learning

● Water Preservation

● Solar-Powered Airport

● Climate Change Control

● National Handloom Day

Community initiatives - society first before serving the self

The Gajera Trust prioritises initiatives against social injustice and poverty. They accomplish this through carefully thought out and all-encompassing projects in livelihoods, health, education, and disaster preparedness and response. Their overarching objective is the empowerment of young people from underprivileged and marginalised communities, which will improve their quality of life and means of subsistence. Below are some of the social initiatives driven by the trust: ● Vatsalyadham - Home to many orphans from the country's rural and tribal sections ● Educated educators ● Soldier Welfare Fund

● Emotional Intelligence & Mental Health initiatives

Education - education for all

The Trust believes that every child can be guided and fostered to reach their innate potential, so the schools take a holistic approach to the development of an integrated personality and provide an environment that gives way to the child's thirst for knowledge while also giving them opportunities to develop their innate talent. Some of the educational initiatives of the trust are as follows:

● Peer-to-Peer Learning

● Application-Based Learning

● Green Education & Futuristic Pedagogy

● Special Education Needs Department

● Educating the Educators

Listed here are also some of the institutions run by the trust:

Smt. ShantabaaMedical College And General Hospital, Amreli

Laxmi Vidyapeeth, Sarigam

Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Shaikshanik Sankul

GajeraGlobal School (CBSE)

Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam

Gajera Vidyabhavan, Utran

Shree Amreli Jilla Vidyasabha

Gajera Vidyabhavan, Sachin

Without a doubt, Gajera Trust provides some of the best community service to our Aazaad India. With innovative programs that support community, environment, healthcare, and education, Gajera Trust is dedicated to leading a social and cultural transition in our nation. Gajera Trust has launched numerous campaigns and anticipates launching many more.

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