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Queen Fest 2023

Celebrating Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship at Gajera Vidhyabhavan Farm School, Katargam

Gajera Vidhyabhavan Pre Primary School, Katargaam organized a unique event on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 5, 2023. The fest aimed to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and empower women to showcase their talents, skills, and entrepreneurship.

PSI Miss Hetal Kadchaa, from Utran Police Station, was invited as a Chief guest. The event began with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the chief guest, PSI Miss Hetal Kadchaa. Miss Kadachha is a well-known public figure and a role model for many young women. She was invited to share her experiences and insights on women’s empowerment and inspire the students.

She started the event by delivering a small speech on some important topics related to the safety and well-being of girls. she spoke about cyber security for girls. She emphasized the need for girls to be aware of the various risks and dangers associated with the use of the internet and social media. She advised the girls to be cautious while sharing their personal information online and to avoid communicating with strangers.

Miss Kadachha also talked about good touch and bad touch for girls. She encouraged the girls to speak up if they ever felt uncomfortable or threatened by someone. In addition, Miss Kadachha stressed the need for conducting awareness sessions on such topics regularly. She advised the school authorities to organize more such programs to educate and empower the school girls.

The program continued with a series of songs that were sung by parents of school students and a mimicry show, self-grooming and personal care, and other activities.

One of the main highlights of the fest was the food stalls that were set up by the parents themselves. There were 25 women who participated in the event, and they came with an array of food, fashion, and business stalls. There were more than 25 food stalls that offered a wide range of delicious dishes. The aroma of the food filled the air and added to the festive atmosphere of the event. In addition to the food stalls, there were also 5 business stalls that were set up by the parents. The Queen Fest was a great opportunity for the women in the community to come together, share their experiences, and showcase their talents. It was a celebration of womanhood, and it the women a platform to showcase their skills and talents. Overall, the Queen Fest was a great success, and it was an excellent way to celebrate International Women's Day.

The school authorities were happy to support and encourage the parents, and they hope to organize such events in the future.

The event not only empowered the women in the community but also showcased the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity that exists in the community. It was an inspiring event that left everyone feeling proud and empowered.

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