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Secrets to Feeling Fresh: Women's Hygiene and Wellness Workshop

On March 18, 2023, an event named "FemIndia" was held at Vatsalyadham to discuss and promote the importance of women's hygiene. The event was led by a volunteer group named FEMINDIA and consisted of two sessions: a football match and a workshop on women's hygiene.

The game was not only about winning; it was also about advancing gender equality and encouraging women to follow their interests and goals.In football match there were 4 teams Team 1 – Aanshi (BLUE), Team 2 – Arya(YELLLOW), Team 3 – Khush (RED),Team 4 – Aarya(BLACK). The RED team was the winning team.

The second session was a workshop on women's hygiene of 45 minutes where a group of experts shared valuable insights on women's health and hygiene. The workshop covered topics such as menstrual health, personal hygiene, and sexual health. The experts explained the proper ways of cleaning menstrual products, such as pads and tampons, and emphasized the importance of changing them regularly. They also provided information on the various types of menstrual products available in the market and how to choose the right one based on one's needs.

The session was interactive and engaging, with participants sharing their experiences and asking questions to clarify their doubts. After the workshop, the attendees were given bags that were specially designed for them. The bags were filled with items that are essential for maintaining personal hygiene, such as pads, earbuds, towels, face wash, nail cutters, and other items. The bags were made by the "Hamri Silai" group, which is a group of women from the nearby slum area.

In conclusion, "Femindia" was an event that highlighted the importance of women's hygiene and wellness. It provided valuable information and practical tips on how to maintain proper hygiene practices.

Overall, "Femindia" was a great initiative that had a positive impact on the lives of many women.

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