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Vrikshabandhan: A Green Pledge of Protection


Not just a moment but a movement Traditionally, Rakhi Purnima is a festival that celebrates the sacred bond of love and protection between siblings. Learners at Gajera Global School however, decided to partake in something innovative by sowing the seeds of a stronger sibling bond - that between humans and nature. To mark the occasion, our learners tied sacred threads around plants signifying heritage, medicinal and aesthetic value.

A core value at Gajera Trust, nature-integrated learning through eco-friendly celebrations has seen a wider adoption in major and even hyperlocal cities. Not just a moment, but a movement and mantra; this Vrikshabandhan, our learners have vowed to reduce the use of plastic while adopting organic materials to honour global efforts in the service of the environment. A festivity that is heart crafted; the event upholds honouring our green siblings with a gift that grows.

At Gajera Trust, we truly believe that these efforts can inculcate a much-needed sense of responsibility among growing generations - consequently encouraging green-citizens of the future to be devoted to Mother Nature. Pledge To nurture our green siblings

Amplifying the sacred bond that Rakhi represents, learners at Gajera School undertake the sacred oath in a special assembly - held as part of the Trust’s policy towards green education. Learners are encouraged to reiterate their commitment to a greener and more beautiful earth in which the grass is deemed as vital as fruits and flowers. Humbled by the beauty of Mother Earth, Gajera Trust understands the importance of working towards creating a nature-integrated curriculum and pedagogy. In an effort to instil environment-friendliness among our young learners, Gajera Global School has enshrined the grounds in green ecology - giving shelter to a variety of flora and fauna in the vicinity. A terrace garden as well as butterfly bed along the school compound have become bio-verse sanctuaries for plants and small insects. Gajera Trust empowers young citizens to nurture nature so that we may all have a better future.

In addition to looking after the gardens, our learners follow a special ‘seed-to-table’ programme which sees them planting seeds, nurturing them, growing them, and finally partaking from the thriving vegetable garden that they helped make verdant. The programme has been successfully running since the last two years. Protect

A lasting bond beyond festivities Symbolically, Vrikshabandhan is enshrined as an initiative that dares to go beyond festivities. One of its sacrosanct tenets is to ‘protect those who protect us’ since nature plays the biggest role in our safety. Therefore, the gesture of tying a knot of safety over our mighty and benevolent oxygen towers - our tree siblings, is a gesture toward not just the planet, but also future generations.

As an endeavour, we tried to not limit this auspicious celebration as a ritual display of eco-consciousness but instead turned it into an extension of our core values. We strongly believe in the emancipation of learners and volunteers by organising initiatives that go beyond the ordinary. Through Vrikshabandhan, we aimed for participants from Gajera Global School to develop an emotional attachment to their eco-siblings. This would ensure that our local trees were not only safeguarded through tree guards but also by the ones responsible for their care. Gajera Trust is mindful towards sensitising learners so that they sensitise others.

We urge everyone reading this to contribute more volunteer hours, research and efforts towards green-awareness. Educating ourselves and others around us to be more aware and responsible towards the environment is not only a necessity but a duty.

Gajera Trust, in association with Gajera Global School, wishes for everyone to find and adopt a green brother or sister this year.


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